Our laboratory has currently ERC and WELBIO-funded open positions for motivated students and post-docs with an interest in developing multi-disciplinary approaches to improve our understanding of endothelial biology and brain barriers in health and disease. Please send your cover letter and full CV as a single .pdf file to Benoit.Vanhollebeke@ulb.be or Maud.Martin@ulb.be.

Other options for post-doctoral funding:

  • Apply to the IF@ULB European postdoctoral program. This is a highly-competitive EU-funded Marie Skłodowska Curie COFUND action post-doctoral program. Please visit: https://if-at-ulb.ulb.be/about-us.

Other options for PhD funding:

  • Apply to the ULB Neuroscience Institute (UNI) international PhD Program in Neuroscience. The closing date for the 2023 applications is February 28th. Please visit: https://uni.ulb.ac.be/phd-program/